please developers, screw social media.

February 12, 2011

Throughout 2010 there was an increasing trend that I’m sure will continue in 2011: skilled developers are creating frankly useless products purely because they think that’s what is most successful at the moment. Developers who could be creating utility, productivity or even gaming applications have been swept up in the tide of social media integration, and that has created a swath of useless apps on the market that are very unlikely to succeed.

Stop trying to create the new Facebook. Stop trying to create some social media-aware to do list, or webapp that monitors world emotions through Twitter. Instead, create something that is practical, something that is useful and something that people will use: and you will succeed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m addicted to Facebook and Twitter, I spend way too much time every day browsing my Facebook and Twitter feeds. The thing is, I’m sick of developers trying to cash in on this phenomenon, because frankly, it won’t work. Very few products whose sole drawcard is social media integration have actually succeeded, and yet so many are still trying to enter the market.

Developers, please stop wasting your time on apps or services which capitalize on Facebook or Twitter. If you can add the integration as a secondary feature, great! But please stop trying to create social media exclusive applications, because nobody cares. Rockmelt, anyone?

If you enjoyed this rant, and also some delightful irony, follow me on Twitter here. Alternatively, check out my latest project, TapType.



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