why your new year’s resolution has already failed.

January 7, 2011

90% of new year’s resolutions have already failed. In 7 days. Unless, of course, your new years resolution was to read this blog more (a fine resolution indeed!) in which case you have succeeded! Now, quite obviously, I have pulled that figure out of thin air, but the fact remains that many, many people will have already failed in their resolutions for one simple reason: they haven’t started it yet. Over 50% 0f all people around the world make a new years resolution (that’s a genuine statistic), and yet so many never succeed.

As with any difficult or frustrating goal, the most difficult part of a resolution is quite often simply starting; overcoming that mental friction which prevents you from getting the ball rolling.  Sure, on New Year’s Eve you were oh so motivated, the year ahead was no doubt filled with endless successes in your mind, but what have you accomplished so far?

The only way to make a step towards success is to start. It sounds simple, but actually putting that into motion can be very difficult. So, stop whatever you’re working on right now, and start your resolution. Your resolution was to lose weight? Get off your office chair and do a few pushups. Congratulations! You’ve started, and frankly I think that is the most important step of all.


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